My Teaching Philosophy

Many people consider education simply an improvement of self. While it is, it is also much more than that. Education not only has the ability to lead to increased employment prospects and lifetime earnings, but it also sets the stage to leave the overall community a better place. Education then cannot be about the simple recitation of facts. It must provide the tools to empower students to be productive, civil, and informed members of today’s society. 

Nowhere is this fact more prevalent than in the field of political science. As a nation, we are incredibly divided, yet as individuals, we still have many beliefs and goals in common. I endeavor to use my classroom as a space for developing and discussing ideas which will, in turn, enable my students to become active, involved, and knowledgeable participants in the political process.

To accomplish this, I use a mix of political theory and thought with real-life applications and historical context to examine the policy decisions of the past and the debates of today’s political culture. The end goal of my teaching, therefore, is to produce students who can look critically at political issues, make informed decisions concerning them, and remain politically involved throughout their lifetimes to achieve the betterment of their community.

Courses Taught

Georgia Military College

Georgia College & State University

Academic Courses

Development Courses Facilitated/Administered

  • Effective Meetings: Between Rules and Chaos
  • Guidelines for University Payments
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Search Committee Training
  • Supervisor Education Program
  • University Welcome

Student Comments

This was a very interesting course. I had never been into politics or cared about keeping up with the news until I took this course.

This teacher is very awesome! I enjoyed the way he taught class. He did not use only power points to get the information across.

Political Science is not a very interesting subject, but Mr. Simpson interacts well with the class and finds topics to make the subject relatable.

Thanks for the class because it was very good and informative. The teacher is the “bomb”, he is the kind of instructor that you will grow to like him. He is the kind of teacher that the students like. 

– Student from Fall Quarter 2020

I believe Professor Simpson has taught me everything I need to know to be successful.

– Student from Fall Quarter 2020

I was nervous about this class but Professor Simpson eased my fear. He is very thorough and good Professor. Thank you.

– Student from Fall Quarter 2020

Great class to attend. I would encourage any student to take this class. It teaches you a lot along the way.

– Student from Winter Quarter 2021