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A Tribute to a Professor

In September of 2004, I was a young, arrogant, hot-shot out to conquer the world and prove I was more conservative than everyone else alive. I had decided my intended path of becoming an electrical contractor was not for me and changed my course. I started classes at Georgia Military College and met someone who quite literally changed my life.

The very first paper I ever turned in was on the separation of Church and State. When I got it back, it was COVERED in red ink. There were notations about my argumentation, how I needed to support my arguments, and how my writing style was stiff. The very final note still echoes in my mind, “If you are going to write about topics like this, you’d better bring it and make sure your facts are right.” No piece of advice paid off more than that little sentence.

Ms. Pam Ebeling was one of those professors whose impact lasts long beyond when the last paper is submitted and the last exam is graded. She did more than teach me the rules of grammar. She taught me how to write and think critically. These lessons carried me through GMC and into the remainder of my college career. To say her teaching and instruction had a lasting impact would be an understatement.

Ms. P passed away over the weekend. I had not talked to her in quite a while, but our interaction the last time we did speak was filled with excitement. I had told her I started teaching at GMC. Her response was ecstatic. I know she loved her family, and she spoke of them often, but to me, she will always be the one who taught me to write.