Parks on the Air

Bartram Forest WMA (K-3732)

Bartram Forest is just south of Milledgeville, Georgia. It’s by far the closest entity to me and I can get there in less than 30 minutes from my home on the other side of the county. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails, so I work from my truck in the parking lot. At over 1,300 acres, it provides an area for hunting, running, cycling, and fishing in central Georgia.

Oconee WMA (K-3763)

The address for Oconee WMA is White Springs, Georgia. But, that implies that it is actually near something. At 7,400 acres, it really is an entity unto itself. My operating location is roughly half way between Eatonton and Sparta, Georgia. The WMA is surrounding the southern portion of Lake Oconee, which forms half of “Georgia’s Lake Country.” The lake itself is owned by Georgia Power, who operates Lawrence Shoals Recreation Area adjacent to the WMA. More importantly, it  is also the location of the Rock Hawk Effigy, which is where I operate.

Jekyll Island State Park (KFF-0636)

Jekyll Island has always held a special place to me. It was the location of my family vacations, where I proposed to my wife, and where we had our honeymoon. The entire island is a state park and is recognized by World Wide Flora & Fauna Parks on the Air program (KFF-0636), US Islands Awards Program (GA006S), and Islands on the Air (NA-058).