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Music Monday, and Happy New Year!

No, I have not taken leave of my senses. At least no more than normal. It is not the beginning of the calendar year, or the fiscal year. But, by the time this posts, it will be the start of the new academic year at Georgia College. This year is going exciting. A new class of freshmen have already moved into the residence halls. By the time this week is out, I will have lectured to new classes of Politics and Society, and what is technically five sections of First Year Academic Seminar (three of them are combined).

I look forward to meeting, and learning from my new students. Yes, I learn from them as much as they learn from me. So, from now until May, I will work on an exchange of information. I hope to impart to my students the skills and knowledge they need to be good students, good citizens, and good human beings. From them, I hope to learn about each student and what motivates them. And how I can help them better in their journey.

This is supposed to be a Music Monday post. I honestly had a difficult time selecting a song. “New Day Dawning” seemed appropriate, but I used it a few weeks ago. So, in honor of my undecided majors, I present “Every Major’s Terrible.”


Music Monday – Why Don’t We Just Dance

This last Monday, I attended the Independence Day celebration in Warner Robins which featured Josh Turner. As I’ve been humming and listening to his music all week, I realized that my taste in music is quite eclectic (okay, I already realized that, but it just reinforced the point). So, in order to share a bit of my madness with you, I decided to start posting a song I enjoy on Mondays. I hope you enjoy them as well.