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Quincy Simpson Obituary

Mr. Quincy A. Simpson, 75, passed away on August 9, 2021. A Funeral Service will be held on Friday, August 13, 2021 at 3 PM in the Williams Funeral Home Chapel in Milledgeville with Rev. John Stanley and Rev. Jarod Hinton officiating. Private Burial will be held in Heritage Memorial Park.

The Family will be receiving friends at Williams Funeral Home in Milledgeville on Friday from 1 PM until the Service time.

Mr. Simpson was native of Wrightsville, had lived in Milledgeville, and had made his home in Wilkinson County for 43 years. He was the son of the late Collie F. Simpson and the late Ethel Scott Simpson and was preceded in death by his siblings, Billy Simpson, Thomas F. Simpson, Elizabeth Simpson, Charles Simpson, and Mary Nell Simpson.

Quincy was retired from Central State Hospital Food Service Division and had worked for Martin Funeral Home in Milledgeville for many years and also with Williams Funeral Home in both Milledgeville and Gordon for many years. He was past president of the Dublin Touchdown Club, member of GA Dietary Manager’s Association, and a member of the Milledgeville Amateur Radio Club. He was a member and Elder of Providence Family Fellowship where he served as a song leader. He Loved people, football, and singing.

Quincy is survived by his wife, Donna Willoughby Simpson of Toomsboro ; his sons, Daniel (& Nikki) Simpson of Milledgeville, Jeffrey S. Simpson of Bethlehem, and Kevin L. Simpson of Bethlehem ; his grandchildren, Eli Tate Simpson and Delaney Cate Simpson ; “My BoBo & Uncle Bo Family”, and many other nieces and nephews.

For those who wish, memorial contributions may be made to Providence Family Fellowship Building Fund; 27846 GA HWY 112, Toomsboro, GA 31090; or to the Animal Rescue Foundation, 711 S. Wilkinson St; Milledgeville, GA 31061.

My dad has passed away

The world lost a giant this morning.

Quincy A. Simpson passed away from an unknown infection. He had been in the hospital, but took a rapid downhill turn last night. It did not matter if you knew him as Mr. Quincy, some variation of Bo, or as Dad, he was a man who impacted every life he touched. The world is a darker place without him in it, but we comfort in knowing he is with Jesus and has reached the ultimate healing. I will post information about arrangements when they are finalized. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

Hospital Update – May 30

Daniel started a new treatment yesterday called IVIG, it’s immunoglobulin therapy. The hope is that between this and the radiation his platelets will start increasing. They want him at around 50 so they can remove the port and currently he is hovering in the single digits. He has some rough days with knee pain but the pain is under more control now. He has been working with OT and PT to keep up his strength and even walked in the halls the last couple of days with a walker. Since all medications for inflammation decrease platelets and they can’t do a needle aspiration due to risk of infection they will continue to treat the pain and hope it will start getting better with time. It does seem that the swelling is decreasing and he is starting to be able to get up a bit easier. It’s definitely not easy but he is being a trooper about everything. While he was in radiology the other day one of the techs told me how nice he was and he just seemed joyful and is so pleasant. It’s not the only time I have heard that. I’m proud of him!

Right now it is a waiting game to see how his platelets respond. He will continue with radiation as well. So far he does have some fatigue and nausea but overall doing well. In the meantime he will continue focusing on keeping up his strength.

Hospital Update – May 26

I’m afraid there will be no waxing poetic tonight. I promised myself I was going to be totally honest with this group so I am. I haven’t slept in three nights. I’m exausted both from that and the radiation. My knee isn’t hurting as bad as it has, but it’s still quite painful. And honestly, I’m having the biggest struggle with my total lost of independence. Until my knee improves, I’m not to stand for any reason (get snacks, use the restroom) without assistance. I didn’t even like having to ask someone to drive me to the doctor. Anyway, that’s where I am tonight. Prayers would be appreciated.

Hospital Update – May 24

Well, today starts something I had I hoped I would be able to avoid, but that does not seem to be the case. This afternoon they are going to start radiation on my spleen in hopes that it will keep it from filtering so many blood platelets (one doctor called it hording). It’s a simple enough procedure, etc. It’s just for whatever reason a mental escalation for me, so I’m nervous. Prayers would be appreciated. On the good news front, I have manage to lose the massive amounts of fluids that I started retaining when I was admitted. This means they were able to discontinue the meds for that and hopefully I’ll be able to sleep a bit better at night. Which, I’ve been sleeping okay by hospital standards. There’s just so much you can do in this type of environment. I will admit the past few days have been difficult emotionally. The waiting for something to kick in and make progress has been difficult to me, even though the plan has been laid out for several days. I am getting stronger. I’m actually writing this from a chair instead of the bed but I still fatigue easily and I’m not able to do much on my right knee. We value your prayers, for both physical and mental wellbeing. And if you want to drop a comment with a picture of a pet, beach, or mountain, I’m not going to turn that down. My window view is just another window!

Hospital Update – May 20

I know I need to do an update, but there isn’t really much to update. We are still in a holding pattern waiting in my platelets to come up so they can remove my port and more aggressively treat the blood infection. They are saying that may take several weeks now.

I was able to walk past the nurses station today, which is the most I’ve been able to do since my knee went out a week ago today. I was also able to sit up in the chair for a while, which if you have been in a hospital bed for a long time, is a welcome relief.

They are changing some things around with my pain management so that has me apprehensive. I know it was time, but the pump had become a crutch I could lean on if I over did something.Hopefully these ramblings make sense.

Like I said, not much change but I didn’t want to stay quiet either.

Hospital Update – May 17

Well, I’m glad to say massive improvements have been made, even though there is still a long way to go. I type this right after lunch, and it has already been a full day. I started with occupational and physical therapy. They gave me lots of exercises to do to rebuild strength in my knee specifically and legs in general since I’ve been in the bed since Thursday. Among other things, I able to walk down the hallway to the nurses station. Not a great feat in itself, but considering the days I couldn’t even stand, it was a great blessing.

The infection still persists, and it likely will for a few more days. One of the things they need to do fight the infection is remove my port, which is not possible with my platelet values being low. My platelet values are staying low because of (in theory) the infection. Thus there is a vicious cycle that will only be broken by a gracious God and an amazing medical team he has led to me. I’m amazed knowing that the relationships and foundations with my care team were set 4 years ago and were already on a strong footing.

Nikki has just arrived for our daily visit, so I will be enjoying that now. 

Hospital Update – May 14

Tests have come back and Daniel has an infection in his bloodstream. This particular type is commonly caused by an infection in the port. Due to this they want to remove his port.

Currently his platelets are too low for surgery. They are having trouble getting them higher due to the MDS. The round of chemo should be kicking in around now and will help. The plan for now is to continue with IV antibiotics and platelets. Medication to manage his pain and nausea. Once his platelets are at an acceptable level they will remove the port. They will re-evaluate later regarding a new port.

The medical team is great! They are taking great care of him and keeping him comfortable so he can rest as much as possible.

Hospital Update – May 13

Today Daniel woke up with pain in his knee, weak, and nauseous. During his regular clinic appointment they decided to re-admit him to the hospital to determine what is going on. There are several possibilities of what could be going on. It’s possible with his levels being so low that he has an infection, but they are doing a full work up. The team is amazing and taking good care of Daniel.

While this is not what we anticipated or wanted today we know the Lord is in control. There will be difficult days but the God on the mountain is still God in the valley.

Hospital Update – May 11

I waited this time until I was absolutely sure…

But I am sitting in our hotel! I have to go to the outpatient clinic in the morning, but I have been released from in-patient care. The next few weeks will mostly be recovering from the chemotherapy (today the fatigue finally hit me with a vengeance, but I’m glad for no other side effects) and appointments to prepare for the actual transplant. Things will be busy, but I’m sure I will sleep better here than I would I’m the hospital!