Health Update – August 26

It has been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks. Working on getting all the pieces in place. Home health has been great with nurses checking in as well as PT/OT. Daniel’s strength and balance are slowing improving. He had a couple of rough days over the weekend, but overall he is doing well. This week the place Daniel normally gets transfusions wasn’t an open due to COVID. The nurses were needed elsewhere so ambulatory care was closed for now. This meant coordinating transfusions in Macon. Next week the nurse will be able to draw labs from his port at home and then he will do a telehealth doctors visit and then go for transfusion. This will decrease his exposure as well has give him more time at home.Thank you for everyone that reached out to us. We appreciate you all! As I sit here reflecting on ways others have reached out to provide support I am overwhelmed by how abundantly blessed we are.