Hospital Update – May 30

Daniel started a new treatment yesterday called IVIG, it’s immunoglobulin therapy. The hope is that between this and the radiation his platelets will start increasing. They want him at around 50 so they can remove the port and currently he is hovering in the single digits. He has some rough days with knee pain but the pain is under more control now. He has been working with OT and PT to keep up his strength and even walked in the halls the last couple of days with a walker. Since all medications for inflammation decrease platelets and they can’t do a needle aspiration due to risk of infection they will continue to treat the pain and hope it will start getting better with time. It does seem that the swelling is decreasing and he is starting to be able to get up a bit easier. It’s definitely not easy but he is being a trooper about everything. While he was in radiology the other day one of the techs told me how nice he was and he just seemed joyful and is so pleasant. It’s not the only time I have heard that. I’m proud of him!

Right now it is a waiting game to see how his platelets respond. He will continue with radiation as well. So far he does have some fatigue and nausea but overall doing well. In the meantime he will continue focusing on keeping up his strength.