Hospital Update – May 20

I know I need to do an update, but there isn’t really much to update. We are still in a holding pattern waiting in my platelets to come up so they can remove my port and more aggressively treat the blood infection. They are saying that may take several weeks now.

I was able to walk past the nurses station today, which is the most I’ve been able to do since my knee went out a week ago today. I was also able to sit up in the chair for a while, which if you have been in a hospital bed for a long time, is a welcome relief.

They are changing some things around with my pain management so that has me apprehensive. I know it was time, but the pump had become a crutch I could lean on if I over did something.Hopefully these ramblings make sense.

Like I said, not much change but I didn’t want to stay quiet either.