Hospital Update – May 17

Well, I’m glad to say massive improvements have been made, even though there is still a long way to go. I type this right after lunch, and it has already been a full day. I started with occupational and physical therapy. They gave me lots of exercises to do to rebuild strength in my knee specifically and legs in general since I’ve been in the bed since Thursday. Among other things, I able to walk down the hallway to the nurses station. Not a great feat in itself, but considering the days I couldn’t even stand, it was a great blessing.

The infection still persists, and it likely will for a few more days. One of the things they need to do fight the infection is remove my port, which is not possible with my platelet values being low. My platelet values are staying low because of (in theory) the infection. Thus there is a vicious cycle that will only be broken by a gracious God and an amazing medical team he has led to me. I’m amazed knowing that the relationships and foundations with my care team were set 4 years ago and were already on a strong footing.

Nikki has just arrived for our daily visit, so I will be enjoying that now.