Hospital Update – May 7

I just realized I never did an update for yesterday.It was overall a good day, but a very full day. I had various IV meds and blood products going most of the day, but everything went well. A few major praises….

1) My blood sugar is staying regulated (so far) without insulin, even being on steroids.

2) I’ve not had any issues with nausia. Basically the pre-meds are keeping me feeling better than when I am home.

3) I had the best nights sleep last night as I’ve had in a long time. I guess I just finally crashed. I don’t even remember them changing some of my IVs during the night.

As for today, I’m waiting for lab results to see what products I’m going to need. We should know that in a little bit.

One specific prayer request. We have been approved for special housing through the hospital. However, there is a several week wait list before it becomes available. Nikki (and I, once I’m released) are in a hotel until that happens. For a multitude of reasons, it will be better once we are in the hospital housing. So please be praying that it happens much sooner than the anticipated time.