Hospital Update – May 5

It’s been a day full, and yet a lot of waiting at the same time. I checked into the BMT unit at 8 o’clock this morning. Throughout the day I met with physical therapy, an endocrinologist, a dietitian, had an echocardiogram, and full body CT scan. I was NPO most of the day waiting for the CT scan, but dinner was very good when I got it.

My treatment protocol is two different types of chemo given four hours apart. I’ve had the first. The second will start about 11 PM tonight. I’ve also had a unit of blood and a unit of platelets. I’m still low, but with the required time separation between blood and chemo it will likely be early morning before I get another unit.

Overall, everything has gone well. Every interaction I have with the nurses and doctors reaffirms that I’m at the treatment center where I need to be. Everyone has been truly wonderful.