Hospital Update – January 25, 2018

So, I’m calling it the “first” day, but in reality, it has been three… They just all blurred together. We got to Atlanta on Sunday evening and had the first appointment Monday morning. We were able to sit down with the pharmacist and go over the treatment protocol. Then the lab results came back. They wanted me to have two units of blood before they started treatment. So off to the infusion center for two hours. Yes, just two. I’ve never had a transfusion that quickly before. Normally, it’s at the rate of about 150 ml per hour. On Monday? It was 400 ml per hour. Once all that was settled, we headed back to the hotel to try to get some rest.

We were both too wound up to really rest, but we tried at any rate. We got up before the alarms on Tuesday and were at the hospital to check-in well ahead of schedule. And I’m pretty sure that was the only time the schedule was consulted all day… I checked in at 7:30. The IVs started at 11. They finished at 6 AM the next morning. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep. I had some reactions the first day: hives, chills, fever. So with each of those, they had to slow things down, give me meds to counteract the side effects, and then get everything started up again. So, it was really slow going.

As you can tell, the bag is HUGE (3000 ml). So even at full speed, it takes a while. Start slowing it down and it takes forever. The good news is, after the first day, they adjusted my pre-meds and on round two, everything went much more smoothly. They did have to add an IV line so they could have multiple infusions going at the same time, but everything else was normal.

The doctors say I’m responding very well, and may not have to be in the hospital for as long as originally thought. We will see though. That all can change very quickly if I start running a fever again. Now that everything is in a routine, I hope to be able to post an update every day.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

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