Hospital Update 8

They have narrowed it down some. The biopsy from Monday showed a low level of bacteria. It’s possible it was just on the surface but they are going to make sure the antibiotics cover it. There was also a high concentration of Neutrophils in the sample which could indicate Sweets Syndrome. Sweets syndrome is more common with hemotological patients, neutropenic patients and those on neupogen. Daniel is all three. It’s treated with a steroid so they want to be very sure that is what is going on before starting treatment. Steroids are rough on the immune system which his is already very compromised.

Oncology here will be working with Infectious Diseases and possibly Dermotology to verify. They are also going to talk to his primary onocologist. He is getting is normal blood transfusion today. He is still in a lot of pain and just feels crummy. Thankfully he has not had any high fevers but did have a couple of low grade ones last night.

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers more than you can ever know!

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