Hospital Update 6

All the doctors have come in for the day. He wound is looking better. No more fevers! They want to monitor him a few more days and then release him. They said to plan on sometime next week. He has an appetite again so he is building strength. All the nurses are noticing the improvement because he is more talkative. He has actually made a quip or two. (It has been a couple of weeks since that last one which is just not Daniel). He even ordered orange sherbet with lunch and his pain is a 5 out of 10 today, the least amount of pain he has been in for over a week. Still a ways to go but the improvement is very encouraging. Unless something changes I won’t do updates for a next few days because it will just be sitting and waiting while the meds do their thing. Thank the Lord he is doing better! We are so thankful for all the prayers and for the nurses and techs here at Emory who have made his little room feel as comfortable as possible.

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