Hospital Update 5

All sources of infection outside of the abscess have been ruled out. There is not a pocket of infection to drain so no surgery is needed. They are giving him three types of antibiotics to fight the infection. They will monitor him for now and see how it responds. If needed they will biopsy the skin to figure out what exactly is going on. Daniel’s hemoglobin was very low (5.4). The average hemoglobin is about 14 and his normal is 7. With it being “critically low” it was causing a lot of symptoms. They have given him 7 units of blood since last Thursday. While he is still in pain from the abscess, he is not having all of the other issues he was having because of the hemoglobin. We hope to know this weekend what the game plan is moving forward. Right now, if he responds well to the medicine and they know it’s the right medicine, they will release him to go home and we will get a nurse to come in to give the IV meds. We appreciate all the prayers! He is looking at his phone for the first time in over a week so if you have contacted him and didn’t hear back that is why. It is nice to see him chatting and smiling more today. Praise the Lord for how He blesses us!

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