Hospital Update 1

We wanted to updated everyone. A few weeks ago Daniel‘s white cell counts dropped due to his cancer. Since he didn’t have enough white cells to fight infections we have had to be very careful and follow a lot of protocols to keep him well. Last week he began spiking a fever of 102 so we made a couple of trips to the ER so they could treat with antibiotics. This past Monday the doctor found an abscess that was holding infection. He drained it and we planned to follow up next Monday. Yesterday during his normal treatment day he was running a high fever again and the nurses that work in ambulatory care could tell something wasn’t quite right.

This wonderful group of women called the doctor and he came up to check on Daniel. They determined there was infection deeper in the skin and the doctor operated to remove it last night. We are so thankful for the nurses and the doctor who worked late last night to get him taken care of. We noticed a difference immediately and he continues to improve from the infection. In terms of his cancer, it is currently affecting his red, white, and platelet levels. This week his hemoglobin was the lowest it has ever been and the infection shows how serious the low white count is. Thankfully so far there are not complications from the platelets just have to watch for certain symptoms. We see the oncologist at Emory on Wednesday to determine the best course of action going forward. Please continue to pray for Daniel!

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