Let someone else do the research

Jan Mabie is a brilliant man. He is also terrifying to have as a professor for the first time. Because of his reputation, most students only took him once. I didn’t have any choice in the matter. I transferred in and had to take him for a Presidency class. Since he was the only one to teach research methods, I had to take him again. I have no idea how, but I did surprisingly well in research methods. And for the next 3+ years, I tutored, held study sessions, and calmed a lot of fear and despair. To demonstrate just how weird I am, I loved it. I went on to take graduate research methods, advanced methods, and asked Dr. Mabie to chair my thesis committee.

Time moved on. I graduated, got my first – and then my second and third – job. I can still do empirical analysis if I need to, but it hasn’t been necessary in a very long time. Basically, I turned into what everyone else had as their goal. Be able to read an empirical report if it comes across my desk. And I’m strongly okay with that.

Now, another type of research has become important. I track research and clinical trials for new MDS drugs whenever I get a chance. Which leads me to my challenge.

I’m calling in my markers. I want everyone who I walked with through Systematic Analysis or Quantitative Techniques (or the lucky ones that did both) to donate to Relay for Life. The amount is not important. I just want the number of donations to be high.

We are on the brink of many “revolutionary” developments, as one of my doctors put it. Let’s all pull together and make that happen. I get nothing out of this except satisfaction. If someone donates enough to put me in the lead, I will have bragging rights but I will be more than happy to share them with you. But it all comes down to finding a cure. And bragging rights, satisfaction, cross tabs, chi-square, or z scores mean nothing compared to that.

Join me in this fight. You won’t have to crunch any numbers, use OurStat or SPSS. But what you will accomplish is being part of something that will change the world.

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