Blood and Marrow Donation Info

13 years ago I helped plan a blood drive

14 years ago I became a blood donor

3 years ago I joined the bone marrow donor registry

0…The number of times I thought a loved one would need blood or marrow donation

6…The number of units of blood Daniel received in the hospital

I never imaged my loved ones would need a blood donation or would be facing a transplant. I joined the registry and donate blood because there is a need and I wanted to help. Daniel and I have been overwhelmed by people who have offered to help him by donating. He asked me to right this post about how donations work.

If Daniel were to need another transfusion they will pull it from the blood bank. I’ll be signing up for the February Blood Drive at Georgia College. Daniel may not get my specific donation but someone in need will. If Daniel needs another transfusion they will pull from the bank because it has already been tested and is ready for use.

After the holidays the blood bank is low so if you want to donate please go to Information about eligibility and a link to finding a blood drive are available on the site.

In terms of bone marrow donations, you can’t be checked to see if you are a match to Daniel. There are a lot of factors that determine a “best match”. The likelihood of a full blooded sibling being a best match is 25%. When people need a bone marrow transplant they are typed and then run through the registry to find the best matches. It take a couple hours to find a matches and then additional testing is done.

To be a marrow donor you can sign up at We ask that you look through all the material before joining. They need donors 18-44. When you sign up you are offering to donate your bone marrow to anyone in the world. If you sign up they will send you the packet which includes a cheek swab. It takes about 10 minutes to fill everything out.

Not everyone can donate blood or join the bone marrow registry. There are times my iron is too low to donate at a blood drive and I have to try next time. The Be The Match registry has a lot of restrictions. We wanted to provide all the information since we have had so many people ask.

Please continue to pray for Daniel. The transfusion has helped him feel so much better than before but he is still anemic. He has been truly inspiring through all of this. He has been blessed with incredible doctors and nurses who are supportive and informative. The Lord has blessed us abundantly!


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