One week in

Well, it has been a little over a week since I heard the earth shattering words… and I still don’t think it has fully sunk in yet. They gave me a weekend pass, but I had to go back up to Atlanta on Tuesday for more labs. I also had a discussion with Dr. Szabo, who referred me to Dr.¬†Khoury at the main Emory campus to develop the overall treatment plan.

I had a meeting with Dr. Khoury on Friday. For now, he wants to focus on hormone injections to stimulate red cell growth. Eventually, I will need a bone marrow transplant, but for now, the probability of serious complications from that procedure is greater than the MDS turning into leukemia.

I’ll still receive transfusions as needed, and eventually Dacogen may be on the table as a possibility as well. But for now, the main goal is to get my weight under control to make the marrow transplant less risky when it is needed. So, this blog will also be covering my weightloss journey.

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