My Every Day (almost) Carry

Well, September is almost over, and with it, National Preparedness Month. So, I wanted to go over things that I carry with me on a daily basis.

Most basically, I have my keys. I carry two sets so I don’t have to deal with my work keys on the weekends. I do keep a SOG Key Knife on my everyday key ring. It is well under the limit to be considered a “weapon” on a college campus. But it does come in handy for opening boxes, etc.

Besides my keys that I keep in my pocket, everything else varies as to if I have it in my bag, on my person, or in the truck. I obviously don’t carry everything all day every day. Some of these items do not play nicely with working on campus, so they either stay locked in the truck, or at home depending on the day.

I should also note that I have a Georgia Weapons Carry License. So, the Georgia rules allow for university employees to keep weapons locked in my vehicle, even when parked on campus – even though most of the time I park in city spots.

The Bag


What doesn’t fit in my pockets goes in here. It is a SOG Ninja bag. It has a customized name tag with my name and radio call sign on the velcro for the morale patch. Also shown is my handheld radio, which I will discuss more in a bit, and a GPB Camelbak water bottle.



I generally have my work issued iPad (2nd Gen). Everywhere I go I have my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy S4 (soon to be upgraded, I hope). Being a smart phone, I obviously have it loaded down. I do have it encrypted, with a complex pass code. Additionally, a secondary code is required to access my cloud accounts, such as Evernote. Also thrown in for good measure is a pair of earbuds.

The radio is a Baofeng UV-82. I have it programmed with the repeaters for my home county, and all of the adjacent counties as well. Even though the company doesn’t have the best reputation, it is in my price range, covers both the 2m and 70cm bands, and will receive NOAA broadcasts and FM broadcast frequencies.

Tool Kit

In my bag, I keep a Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer. Inside, I keep:


First Aid


  • Obviously, a first aid kit
  • Listerine spray
  • Ibuprofen
  • Gloves

Not pictured

  • Snacks
  • Stock of other OTC meds (allergy, sinus, etc)

Charging Equipment

Since there are days I spend a lot of time away from the office, I have a large battery charging pack, a smaller one, and chargers for both my phone and iPad.

Self Defense

I have a S&W Tactical Pen, Gerber Fast Draw Tanto, and depending on the day, I go back and forth between a Tarus PT 609 and a PT-22.

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