New Addition – Baofeng UV-82

While I realize Baofeng radios are not the most revered brand in the world, you still can’t beat the price. Yesterday, I received my UV-82 in the mail, and I just finished getting it programmed, thanks to CHIRP. This is my second Baofeng, along with my UV-5RA that I plan to now use for APRS, once I get another TNC (my Mobilinkd had a critical failure on the circuit board, and needs to be replaced).

I haven’t got to use it much yet, both of my local repeaters are off the air for maintenance, and my office does not lend itself to being able to reach the repeaters in the neighboring counties that well. But, it does fit my hand much better than the smaller UV-5RA and has a somewhat sturdier feel to it.

It does receive better; I can at least hear the WB4NFG repeater (roughly 18 miles away) even though I can not be heard by it, at least from inside the building. While, I’m sure it will not be my last HT, it is a fun addition for the time being.

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