One Year!!!

Today marks one year since I joined the staff at the Center for Student Success. Looking back, I cannot believe the journey I have taken. Between sharing an office with Leeann, moving across campus, joining with advisors from four colleges into one centralized center, and FINALLY (I think) getting my office organized the way I like it, it has been quite the eventful year.

As the five o’clock mark passed last year, I was still terrified, without computer or phone, and wondering how I was going to prep two sections of a class in less than a week. The order of today, with my syllabus and handouts ready, stands out in stark contrast. Instead of those two classes, I will start teaching three when classes begin next week. My advisee load, which seemed unmanageable on that first day last year, has now doubled with another incoming class. And I’m okay with that. I look forward to working with the Class of 2016.

My morning started with a department meeting. As everyone was leaving out of the conference room, I pulled my former office mate, who started the same day I did, aside for a picture. This first year has been great. I wonder what the next has in store.

1 thought on “One Year!!!

  1. Donna Simpson

    So glad it has been a GOOD journey for you. Thankful for a job, but more more importantly, thankful that you have such nice people to work with!


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