Happy Mothers’ Day

I recently was going through some old files and found this. now, a poet I am not, but I thought it would be appropriate for today anyway. I penned this in 2007, following my internship at the Capitol, and my experiences with the 2006 campaign season. Love you, mama.

Before I started reading,
You would read me my favorite stories repeatedly.
Before I knew the meaning of ideology, conservative, or
You taught me to stand for my convictions.
Before I ever heard of codified, common, or case law,
You taught me the difference between right and wrong.
Before I drafted my first position paper or endorsement editorial,
You taught me how to write my name.
Before I greeted the President of the United States,
You taught me to stand up straight and look a person in the eye when I shook their hand.
Before I walked the hallways of the Capitol with political leaders,
You taught me that all power came from God and I should walk with him.
Before I became who I am today,
You laid the groundwork for all I have become.

Mama, thank you for all you have done for me.

~ Daniel Rhodes Simpson, 2007

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