Miracle Workers

We are in the midst of Final Exams at my university. Walking across front campus, you can taste the fear in the air. In the next few weeks, parking spots will become once again plentiful. It will be a much shorter wait for a sandwich in the food court. In short, the campus will breath a collective breath of relaxation and settle into the lull of summer courses and the occasional orientation session, all waiting with eager anticipation to that Thursday morning in August which indicates the arrival of the Class of 2016.

I will spend a large portion of my time during the summer doing as I have done for the past few weeks: preparing for my fall classes, especially my First Year Seminar. There is so much I want to tell these new students, but so little time. And while I try to decide what to include, and what to lay aside, I am reminded of the words of Taylor Mali:

I like to lecture on love and speak on responsibility.
I hold forth on humility, compassion, eloquence, and honesty.
And when my students ask,
“Are we going to be responsible for this?”
I say, If not you, then who?
You think my generation will be responsible?
We’re the ones who got you into this mess, now you are our only hope.
And when they say, “What we meant to say
was, ‘Will we be tested on this?’”
I say, Every single day of your lives!

Here is a video of Mali performing the entire work.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neslRBRo_wc?rel=0]

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