Weekend Roundup

The big news today is going to be the status of the national budget.  The clock is ticking a bit quicker than normal towards a government shutdown. The last time the government was shut down was nearly twenty years ago. Will it actually happen again this weekend? Honestly, I don’t know. The president has threatened to veto another continuing resolution, so it seems like it might actually take place. What I do know is these clip from The West Wing have been on repeat in my head all day (sorry I couldn’t find a better version of the first one).

In other news, HackCollege has a post about a new iPhone app which allows you to keep track of your grades, set targets, and program due dates. Since I am solidly in the BlackBerry camp of the great smartphone debate, I haven’t actually tried it myself, but their review can be found here.

Yahoo News has a guide to free software to “Upgrade Your Life.”  While for obvious reasons, it doesn’t mention any of the Google solutions, it is a nice addendum to my post from last Monday.

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