There is more to Education than Academics

Such a sacrilegious, isn’t it? But, it is also true. Mark Twain is rumored to have said, “Never let your schooling interfere with your education” but all too often people think they are the same thing. I was lucky enough to attend a liberal arts university for both undergrad and graduate school.  As such, we weren’t really given an option, at least on the surface.  

Yet, somewhere in the midst of them trying to convince us we needed to study things other than our limited topic, it actually clicked.  My family had an influence on it as well, but when all the influences combined, I became convinced that a graduate degree wasn’t enough to make someone a useful part of society.  Only so much can be taught in the classroom. There’s an academic education and there is a cultural education. It takes both to make well educated individual.

Luckily for you, you already spend great deal of time on a university campus.  That means more than likely, you can begin obtaining this education without too much trouble or expense.  This past weekend, just in Milledgeville, we had performances by two symphonies and a choral ensemble.  Add in a not-prohibitive afternoon trip to Athens (about 2 hours) and you could have also attended a chamber music concert. Total cost, even if you had attended all four, was only $10, not counting the gas to drive to Athens.  

I only attended one, but it was the highlight of my weekend.  Being able to sit and watch the results of the hard work of the musicians and how they use their skill to work together with amazing results.  While I do not know of a single academic who would dare collaborate with thirty or more researchers, it is inspiring to see that it CAN be done, at least in some fields.  

So, pull up your school calendar.  If there are other schools within easy driving distance, check those as well. Attend a cultural or fine arts event.  It is well worth it, and is a nice break from the research.

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