Five Days of Godly Men

Give us Men! Men-from every rank, Fresh and free and frank; Men of thought and reading, Men of light and leading, Men of loyal breeding, The nation’s welfare speeding; Men of faith and not of fiction, Men of lofty aim in action; Give us Men-I say again, Give us Men!

There is a lot to be said of bloggers. I love writing, though I don’t do it as often as I need. I love reading the writing of others. But, there is another type of new media commentary, the video bloggers, or vloggers. One of the Vlogs I view on a regular basis is “For The Record” with Molotov Mitchell of World Net Daily. While I may not totally agree with everything he says, I love the passion and fire with which he says it.

One of his episodes a few weeks ago was about a thirteen year old boy who, for his birthday, was given a gift from his father which I think is one of the greatest gifts that can be given. Instead of something temporal, like a video game console or another toy, the father set up 52 meetings for his son with Godly men around the country. (The son is chronicling his journey at

Give us Men! Strong and stalwart ones; Men whom highest hope inspires,
Men whom purest honor fires, Men who trample self beneath them, Men who make their country wreath them As her noble sons, Worthy of their sires; Men who never shame their mothers, Men who never fail their brothers, True, however false are others: Give us Men-I say again, Give us Men!

No individual reaches adulthood without the influences of people around them. It is a wise father who seeks to ensure that those surrounding people are Godly men of character. Now, I am far from thirteen years old. And I have never traveled to meet me. But, I have not needed to travel. God has brought a host of Mighty Men of Valor into my life to give me advice and to who me an example of the Christian life.

Over the next five days, in honor of Thanksgiving, I am going to be posting tributes to some of these men. The list will not be inclusive, but without them, I would not be who I am today.

Give us Men! Men who, when the tempest gathers, Grasp the standard of their fathers In the thickest fight; Men who strike for home and altar, (Let the coward cringe and falter), God defend the right! True as truth the lorn and lonely, Tender, as the brave are only, Men who treat where saints have trod, Men for Country, Home- and God: Give us Men! I say again- again- Give us Men!
~ Josiah Gilbert Holland

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