What’s in my bag?

Over at Engineer Blogs, they are doing a series about what we carry around every day. I decided to join in on the fun. To begin, this is my bag. 

It’s about as plain of a black bag as can be. Totally off-brand, I got it from K-Mart. It was affordable and  has lasted well through 2 years of teaching, job search, and then full time employment with a few conferences thrown in for good measure.

This is from the front pouch. It’s an iPad charger, external 500GB hard drive (for the files that are just too big for Dropbox and Google Drive), a presentation remote, and my collection of pens. Also thrown in for good measure is my headphones and not pictured is a bottle of ibuprofen and a handful of mints.

And finally, we have my padfolio with my “odd” (as my coworkers refer to it) paper, another pen, and collection of business cards. I have a university iPad for the summer (hoping to extend it for the fall, we’ll see), and my spirit “Green Towel” (Go Bobcats!).

I should note that when I travel, I also throw in my Chromebook and some other reading material. Plus extra chargers (phone, notebook, etc).

Granted, this list will be a lot different in a couple of weeks once classes start back. I must admit, it has been kind of nice over the summer not having to carry around course paperwork (I generally keep several copies of each syllabus, a roster, and grade book for each class to reference as needed). But, that’s it for this week at any rate.

Always Double Tap

In my seminar course, I go over the rules of the Rules for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, as adapted by GradHacker for grad school, and then by me for undergrads (instead of a bar, go to a café, etc). Rule #2 is Double Tap, or double check and proof read everything. Every now and then, I find where this rule has been violated, sometimes with humorous results. Last night was one of these occasions.

Let us also not ignore the fact that the label is on a Klondike Bar…

Snickers bars ARE very good. My thesis advisor described them as the nearly perfect food (“They have peanuts, chocolate, and caramel. Only other thing they need is bourbon.”). But, they are not that good. I didn’t bother asking for a price check. I grabbed the Reese’s instead. 🙂